3 Common Web Design Misconceptions!

But web design is easy right?! 🤔

This is one of the many misconceptions about the web design industry that we hear so often! 👂

Having an online presence has become so important for businesses and brands who are wanting to promote themselves to a wider audience. With the growing importance of websites in our online world, there are still so many misconceptions of how professional web design works and what YOU, the customer, can expect! 💻

These 3 web design misconceptions frequently appear across the web design industry and we’re here to debunk them for you! 🤩

  1. Appearance is the most important factor ~ Looks aren’t everything here! Having an aesthetically pleasing website is an attention grabber for most website visitors BUT functionality and accessibility is also incredibly important! If your visitor has trouble finding the navigation menu, the content is hard to read and your pages are slow to load, they will click off straight away! Having a website which combines appearance, functionality and accessibility is the best way to go when creating your website  🖱️
  1. If I have a desktop website, I don’t need to worry about mobile ~ With the popularity of smartphones and tablets, more than 40% of website users are accessing the online space on mobile! This is all about responsive design! Your website should respond according to your visitor’s environment such as screen size and platform to suit their preferences. Not prioritising responsive design will ultimately turn mobile users away from your website 📱
  1. It’s not necessary to integrate my website with email marketing ~ Keep your visitors coming back with extra newsletter content! Having a newsletter allows you to expand on your website content and promote your offerings in another way. This could also include incentives for loyal subscribers or sign ups to create a connection for potential ongoing visitors. Email marketing is one sure way of growing your online community and visitor loyalty! 📧

What misconceptions have you heard in the web design industry? Let us know in the comments, we would love to hear from you! 😊

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