5 Reasons Why We Love Shopify!

At Aim Up Digital, we love Shopify! 😍

Shopify ensures your products are front and centre on your website to let your customers shop with ease! 🛍️

BUT that’s not the only benefit! 🤩

These are our top 5 reasons why we love Shopify:

1. Mobile Responsive ~ With over half of online users using their mobiles, ensuring your website is seamless on mobile is more imperative than ever! Having seamless elements and areas on your Shopify store will create a consistent customer shopping experience across all devices 📱

2. SEO Friendly ~ Shopify supports your website with all SEO parameters! By including meta tags, descriptions, headings and landing pages for campaigns, your SEO ranking will be boosted. This means more customer conversions & performance 📣

3. Payment Methods ~ It’s never been easier to set up your preferred payment gateway! Shopify allows you to integrate a secure and reliable payment gateway for your customers. This will give your customers the security they want from an online store! 💳

4. App Integrations ~ Shopify allows you to integrate third party apps and plugins needed to run your website in its most efficient form! This can make your Shopify experience a lot more seamless which will make your customer’s online experience that much better! 📲

5. Customer Support ~ Talk to your customers easily with Shopify’s live chat and contact functions! Providing instant support to your customers is KEY to building a great long-term customer relationship 💬

Are you interested in taking the BIG step towards setting up your online store? Head on over to our contact us page to enquire 💻

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