5 reasons why we love WordPress! 😍

At Aim Up Digital, WordPress is our favourite website platform! 🤩

WordPress ensures easy usability and versatility for all individual users and their website needs! 💻

BUT that’s not the only reason why WordPress is the best website platform! 😲

These are our top 5 reasons why we love WordPress:

1. Safe & Secure ~ WordPress is fully developed with user safety and security in mind! However, hackers and privacy breaches are still a real threat across the internet. WordPress allows it users to protect their data and privacy with additional plugins, including WP Defender, which create a security shield for all of your information 🛡️ 

2. SEO Friendly ~ WordPress and its plugins are designed in alignment of SEO practices! The simplicity of WordPress SEO makes headlines and tags easy to implement and understand. With the SEO tools on WordPress, you can easily identify your keywords and phrases which you can use to boost your SEO ranking 🚀

3. Web Management made simple ~ All of your plugins and themes are located in your WordPress admin dashboard which allows you to update them with ease! WordPress also has an insights tool which helps you track your website traffic and understand where your users are coming from so you can easily make changes to accommodate your target audience 📑

4. Scale up your business ~ WordPress and a growing business go hand-in-hand! There is no question that a WordPress website can scale to meet the needs of high-traffic, large-scale websites. It is incredibly important to focus on the necessary elements for your individual website including any customisation, theme and additional plugins 📌

5. User Friendly ~ WordPress is a content management system (CMS) which values being user friendly! You have free range to edit your pages, upload all of your content and navigate the back-end of your website easily. If you’re just starting out, WordPress is the best platform with its accessible features and editing tools ✔️

Creating and setting up a website can be a daunting process! If you are interested in taking the BIG step towards setting up your online store, head on over to our contact us page to enquire and have a chat with us! 👋

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