Benefits of a Monthly Social Media Report!

Do you track your social media progress every month? 📈

Tracking analytics and reporting every month is a valuable asset for your social media channels!

These are our TOP 5 reasons why you should conduct a social media report every month!

1. Identify trends and opportunities ~ Trends and opportunities online are constantly changing! By conducting a monthly report, you can gain a better understanding on what content is motivating your audience to engage with you and what content is hitting low figures. Understanding what makes your target audience tick is crucial in increasing brand awareness and engagement for your social media channels! 💭

2. Target your audience better ~ After you have identified what your audience likes, it’s time to research how to inspire and deliver greater value to your target audience! Each social media channel should be planned out strategically to ensure your content is aligned with the trends and opportunities you have previously identified 🔍

3. Add value to your content ~ Creating valuable and engaging content across your social media channels needs to be based on your acquired social media metrics. Identifying your post insights will help you create more engaging content across your social media channels! ⚡

4. Post scheduling that delivers ~ Analysing your key post times can provide you with guided insights into when your audience is online and is ready to interact with your content! This is also a valuable metric for understanding what content pillars resonate with your audience. Finding out your audience’s key post times will help you to share your content and interact with your followers strategically! 🔑

5. Assess if your social media strategy is working or needs tailoring ~ Having a social media strategy in place is a great resource for you to refer back to when conducting your monthly report. It is essential for you to compare your social media metrics to your original social media strategy! Was your content successful? Do you need to tweak your next steps? 🤔

Let us know in the comments below if you conduct a monthly social media report! 👩‍💻

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