Benefits of sending a welcome email!

Do you have a welcome email for your new subscribers? 🤔

So you’ve got your website and email marketing platform set up, now it’s time to think about creating an automated welcome email for your subscribers! 📧

Welcome emails are an incredibly important tool for creating a pathway of communication between you (and your business) and a potential customer! ↔️

Not sending a welcome email to new subscribers can affect your customer conversion rate and damage the leads you have only just gained 😵‍💫 

Every welcome email should engage your new subscriber with personalisation, value, a strong call to action and opportunities for them to connect with you on social media! Additionally, having a subject line that grabs their attention is a key element to an optimal welcome email  👀

Do you want to know more benefits about welcome emails? We have created 5 benefits of welcome emails which will make you sign up to an email marketing platform straight away 😍

  1. Optimal open rates ~ It’s true! Welcome emails are more likely to be opened and viewed  than other types of emails with a 86% success rate! This makes your welcome email an incredibly important touchpoint for your new subscribers as you need to set yourself up for success here 🌟
  1. Increases engagement and connection with your new subscribers ~ Using inclusive/personalised language, including ‘welcome’, ‘thank you’ & merging the subscriber’s name into the email, is a great way to connect and increase engagement with your new subscribers! Your welcome email should set the tone for how you will communicate with your subscribers in the long-term as they will be understand how your business, brand, and you, act and connect 🤗
  1. Provides value straight away ~ Offering a freebie/tangible reward for new subscribers to join your mailing list is a strong incentive! New subscribers will be able to receive something of value which can help them on their way with their customer journey. You should consider your audience’s pain points – do they struggle with goal setting, do most people abandon their cart during checkout etc. Think about what your audience needs help with, and create a free tool to help them solve it 💸
  1. Saves your business time ~ Having an automated welcome email is incredibly beneficial for your business and your time management! You do not have to engage with your new leads manually and be on top of your emails 24/7! For a small business, this is a great advantage as it takes one more task off of your plate 🤩
  1. Builds subscriber loyalty ~ Welcome emails can create brand new connections with an individual who could convert into a lifelong customer! Typically, new leads engage the most within 48 hours so this is the prime time to have an automated welcome email sent to them! We highly recommend, as previously mentioned, using inclusive/personalised language and having plenty of opportunities for subscribers to connect with your business on social media 📲

Let us know in the comments if you have a welcome email set up for your new subscribers 🤩

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