Business Coaching For Established Business Owners & CEO's

I help CEO's & business owners with underperforming businesses to leverage their online presence to grow their business, attract the right audience & increase online conversions.

Aimee Scott is a passionate professional who works exclusively with CEO’s & established business owners to grow their business through the power of their online presence. Resulting in increased online conversions, community growth, brand exposure & gaining back your time.

Topics I Can Help You With



CEO mindset tools & strategies to equip you to scale your business & succeed in business growth.



Gain clarity on the business vision, core offers, goals and how they can be achieved in the given timeframe.



Strategic thinking, planning & implementation of your business to ensure that results are met and measured accordingly.


Online Presence

Leverage your online presence to create a successful & profitable business.


Conversion Strategy

Increase online conversions through strategy to increase profits & grow the business.


Online Systems

Free up your time using online systems to manage & automate marketing & adhoc tasks.


Organic Marketing

Generate strong brand awareness through the power of organic markeing. 


Brand Direction

Gain clarity on your brand mission, key messages, target audience & unique selling proposition.

Replace the huge workloads, overwhelm and frustration with strategic implementation, increasing conversions, community & more time back!

It can be overwhelming growing a business & trying to make sense of how & where to show up online & attract the right audience. And just when you think your business is going well you realise just how many website visitors are NOT converting. 

There must be an easier way!? I’m here to tell you there is. Stick with me and get ready for a wildly successful ride!

What you get when working with Aimee Scott

  • A dedicated business coach specialising in working with established business owners & CEO’s to leverage your businesses online presence to enhance business growth
  • Fortnightly 1 hour 1:1 sessions over zoom
  • Unlimited communication through Voxer chat between sessions
  • Access to Aimee’s best practices on growing & scaling a business that results in consistent conversions through your website
  • The strategy to increase your overall profits through leveraging your online presence
  • Ideas/ Suggestions/ Recommendations on how to improve your current marketing campaigns to increase overall traffic and maximise conversions
  • Organic social media strategies to implement to grow community & generate brand awareness
  • Showing up on social media authentically and confidently in line with your brand mission & personal brand values
  • Strategy to build a magnetic brand & appear as a leader in your industry
  • Optimised systems strategy to increase your ability scale your business
  • CEO mindset tools & strategy sessions to equip you with the strategic thinking to continue organic growth to free your time

Coaching is provided in 3 months/ 6 months or 12 months packages

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Kind Words

"Aimee is incredible! I've been in business for over a year and was feeling super lost all of a sudden about my brand identity & messaging. This has affected the way I am showing up online on socials, emails, website & more so I really needed to find someone to help me out! Aimee was so great at embodying my business & vision and really extracted the message out of me with absolute ease! I'm pretty niche, and have always struggled to articulate this to other professionals in the past so I was a bit worried going into this session, but Aimee was a pro!! Thank you!"
Kelly Noone
Skin Queen Society
"I just had my 1:1 strategy meeting with Aimee this week regarding my small business and she couldn’t have been more helpful!! I feel like I have a much clearer understanding of what to do next and feel more confident on how to grow my business more online! Aimee was also super quick in following up with me after our meeting with notes and details regarding my next steps!! Thank you Aimee and I look forward to more work with you in the future! Xx"
Georgie Watkins
Queen Gees Creations
"We are so happy we have Aimee in our corner in a very short time our business is growing, huge shout out for your knowledge, your honesty & your daily check in for us with Ginja B. You are a wonderful mentor and always have the best ideas to help our business grow online. We can't thank you enough and cant wait to continue this amazing journey."
Diane Sandron
Ginja B

A message from Aimee..

There is no other business out there like yours! YOU are your businesses super power and our brands’ success relies on what we as the owner are willing to put into it. I want you to witness your full potential as successful business owner/ CEO of your business!

I know you love a good freebie, so I made you an amazing one!


Welcome to the high conversion website masterclass! This FREE power hour with Aimee will increase website conversions in an easy, simple way!

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