Copywriting tips for your 'about' page

Copywriting tips for your ‘about’ page

Do YOU find it hard to talk about yourself? 📣

Without a plan, setting up and writing your about page can make your copy seem stiff, stilted and just plain awkward 😬

This can lead to visitors exiting your page and leaving confused about what your message is 😩

If you’re feeling stuck with your ‘about’ page, we’ve got five copywriting tips for authentic and approachable copy:

  1. Write conversationally
  • Be warm and approachable by using a conversational voice that reflects you! As we mentioned before, having stiff and awkward copy can lead your visitors to click away and scratch their heads trying to think about what your message is. We recommend avoiding any technical jargon which can confuse your first-time website visitors  💻
  1. Credentials are important 
  • Highlighting your credentials is a great way to enhance visitor experience and comfort level! Showing your professional background is key to building and gaining trust with your visitors and/or potential customers. Visitors want to know you have the skills and knowledge to match your claims  📝
  1. Remember who the page is really about.
  • Always put your reader first! Focusing on your why will establish a greater connection with your visitors, as well as building trust and gaining credibility. You must communicate what your visitors really want to know depending on your product and/or service 🔖
  1. Use a strong headline
  • Catch your visitor’s attention with a strong headline! You want to engage and inspire your visitor to keep reading and understand your brand. This is the point where you can determine your brand vision or unique selling point with an engaging headline 🌟
  1. Tell your story
  • Reflect your brand mission and vision with your business story! You need to inspire your reader and explain your brand’s mission to create a sense of relatability and connection. Your story will depend on your established brand personality ~ this could include your personal story or a dive into your professional experience 👩‍💻

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