How to build your mailing list via your website

How to build your mailing list via your website

5 Call-To-Action ideas to grow your mailing list fast by using your website! 📧

It’s no secret that your website is one of the top platforms for increasing brand awareness and helping you build your online presence! 

Let’s be honest, website visitors can come and go but your mailing list is also a great pathway to growing your online business! 📈

If you’re having trouble growing your mailing list, we have 5 CTA’s for you to optimise your website and boost your mailing list subscribers:

  1. Have a pop up subscriber form ~ Greet your website visitors with a strong but simple call to action! This can include discounts, notifications about sales or a greater insight into your unique selling point. Remember to keep it simple but have enough value in your offer so your visitors feel inclined to subscribe! 👋
  1. Have a general subscriber form ~ The best spot for this form is in your footer! Many websites use this same technique as it has shown an increase in their mailing subscribers. A visitor who has scrolled to the bottom of your web page potentially understands the value of your content and wants more! ⬇️
  1. Freebies for subscribers only ~ Free downloadable content is a great way to generate and nurture leads! Offering content which can help your potential subscribers in all business stages is the first step in developing a long-term customer/client relationship. We recommend using actionable language when creating your forms which can include ‘Start Today’ & ‘Download your free guide’! 🕴️
  1. Contact form opt-in ~ Contact forms can be added across your website and provide a streamlined sign up process for your visitors! This allows visitors to enter their email address without being prompted to subscribe again. This can reduce unnecessary, complicated forms with multiple fields which visitors tend to click away from! 📱
  1. Discount for subscribers only ~ Value-added offers are a strong incentive for your website visitors to join your mailing list! By giving a visitor the opportunity to save money on an initial purchase, this creates a great incentive to subscribe and a strong motivator to purchase. This can include a first order discount or a free shipping offer! 🛒

Growing your email list can be a challenging process when you’re first starting out! Your mailing list is a great resource to increase your brand awareness and online presence. By implementing these 5 call to action tips, you can now focus on nurturing your potential leads and building your subscriber base 🌟

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