Blog Post- How to create a memorable online shopping experience

How to create a memorable online shopping experience

Browse, add to bag, buy! Does this sound familiar? 🛍️

So many of us love our online shopping, especially in these current times! But what truly gets us to purchase from a specific website? 🤔

A memorable online shopping experience is KEY to customer conversion and repeat purchases 🛒

We’ve got 5 tips for you to create a more memorable online shopping experience for your customers! ⭐

1 ~ Make sure your site loads quickly!

Customers won’t wait around if your website loads too slowly! Make sure your website is optimised for both desktop and mobile to keep your customers engaged and searching for the buy button, not the exit button 🚪

2 ~ Focus on navigation & site search 🔎

Navigating your website should be a breeze for your customers! Keep your products and/or services categorised to keep your navigation optimal. Make sure your menu and search bar is clear to limit any unnecessary clicks and confusion 😕

3 ~ Less is more when it comes to content! 📸

Don’t overwhelm your customers with content! Too much text or excessive images can clutter your website and reduce your customer’s overall experience 👎

4 ~ Make it easy for customers to contact you! 📱

Be approachable and contactable on your website! Having a contact form located in a prime position on your website will make your customer’s journey easier. Customers don’t want to waste time finding your contact details when they could be purchasing your products 🤑

5 ~ Offer a live chat! 💬

Increase your customer conversion rates with a live chat function! Customers can chat to you easily and give you real-time feedback to improve their customer experience. This can also help customers get to know you and your brand 👋

What makes an online shopping experience memorable to you? Let us know in the comments below 📝

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