How to create a consistent message across your selling platforms

Are you struggling to sell across your online platforms? 😰

Having an online business doesn’t just rely on your sales skills! You need to consider how you position your business amongst your competitors, how you communicate and advertise across online platforms 💻

This can all be built with an effective and structured messaging strategy! 💬

A messaging strategy incorporates all of the points we mentioned previously but it is also a useful tool in building your brand awareness and how you market your business! 📈

We have created 4 must-haves for your messaging strategy!

  1. Unique Selling Point ~ You need to consider what sets you apart from your competitors! This could be an element of your brand, your content or even your products. Think about what your customers gravitate towards and why they choose your business. If you have the necessary resources, you should analyse your customer reviews, your most popular social media content or conduct customer surveys 📝
  1. Goals ~ You need to consider what you want to achieve in regards to your business! Having purpose allows your potential customers to resonate with you and be on board with your products or services! You should clearly state your goal on your website to draw potential customers in, this could be titled as your philosophy/company goals! For example, if you’re an eco-friendly business- make sure your this is clearly stated so any eco-friendly customers will be drawn to you ♻️
  1. Business Vision & Story ~ Every business has a story behind it! Telling your story allows your current and potential customers to resonate with you and form a connection with your business! Your story must be a key element of your messaging strategy- this can include your background, how you started and where you see the business going in the future. This will also give your customers a greater sense of your vision and how they can come along for the journey 📖
  1. Knowledge of Target Audience ~ Finding your target audience can be difficult but it’s not impossible! Using your social media and website insights can help guide you to understand your target audience and what products, services and content resonates with them. Building your knowledge of your target audience will also help you understand what messages are well received by your audience and what needs to be refined to further engage them 👋

Do you feel more confident in creating your messaging strategy? Let us know in the comments 👇

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