How to increase value for your customers online!

Are you struggling to build a loyal customer base? 😞

Brand loyalty is becoming increasingly harder to maintain and grow due to the vast amount of businesses who are online! 📈📉

Online customers don’t receive the same amount of attention and experience as they would receive in-store so it is incredibly important to offer your customers more value online ✅

We have put together 3 tips to help you increase value for your customers online! 🙌

  1. Build Relationships ~ Building strong customer relationships is very important for your business and its success! Having an authentic relationship with your customers is so important as this can impact the customer journey and the interactions between you and your customers. Utilising your website and social media channel insights can assist you in understanding your customers and deliver more value through content and offerings. Being proactive will help you connect with your customers and make them feel acknowledged and understood by your business 📝
  1. Provide engaging and valuable content ~ Combine both your social media and email marketing efforts to retain your customers! Your content should show the value of your business offering whether this be a product or service. Your customer wants to know why they should choose you over your competitors, so it’s time to show them! 
  • Focus your email marketing campaigns on your offerings, their benefits and success stories which can turn your customers’ heads!
  • Focus your social media content on the same as above but also add educational content into the mix ~ let your customers know how your offering solves their problems 🎉
  1. Identify customer pain points & give them solutions ~ Analysing customer feedback is the first step to understanding the pain points your customers may have with your online business. You should aim to follow up your customers with a survey to receive their feedback which will make it easier for you to provide solutions to their pain points.  Consistent feedback on the same issue must be prioritised and fixed quickly to reduce recurrence and further complaints from your customers. Your customers will value your efficiency and will know you are there to help them 🤗

How do you provide value for your customers online? Let us know in the comments 👇

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