How To Plan Your Content To Save You Time & Stress

Creating content is a time-consuming process, believe me I know! The process of creating social media content can be daunting for most people who aren’t social media experts or fully knowledgeable of the ins and outs of social media marketing. 

Every week you have to think about:

  • What you should post
  • Figure out what resonates with your audience
  • Create a caption which engages
  • Choose optimal hashtags
  • Schedule the post
  • Ensure you engage with your audience daily
  • & Rinse & repeat!

Even though this is a lengthy system, being consistent and producing content that ensures quality over quantity pays off in the end! 

Posting consistently on social media can increase the likelihood of these benefits:

  • Increase engagement
  • Stay on top of mind
  • Social media platforms favour consistency 
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase brand recognition 

Achieving these benefits can really help your social media channels thrive! But how do you achieve them? We highly recommend creating a content calendar which keeps you on task, focused and thriving! 

So how do we plan out our content calendar?

We segment our content calendar into six main areas:

  1. Post Type
  2. Post Goal
  3. Post Topic
  4. Finished Content Product
  5. Caption
  6. Hashtags


Figuring out your post type is an essential first step in creating your content calendar! Choosing your post type refers to the format of your post. Are you posting a static image, a reel or a carousel? Are you linking to a blog post or updating your audience with a text-filled post? Having your post type figured out gets the ball rolling for the rest of your content plan ~ if you’re stuck on what post types to use, this would be a great opportunity to look at your social media analytics and see what content your audience likes the most & go from there!

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Having a goal for each of your posts is so important as every piece of content you create and post should have a purpose! This could be brand awareness, engage with your audience, drive traffic to your website or increase products sales. Having a post goal gives you a greater insight into what results and outcomes you want from your content~ if you don’t have a clear cut goal behind your content, this could be a chance to re-evaluate why you’re posting this specific piece of content.

Barnhart (2020)


Determining your post topic, for each of your posts, will help guide your caption and hashtags in the following steps! This step focuses primarily on the subject of your post- for example: if you’re posting about Social Media Strategy, this will be your post topic. It is also essential to determine if your post is targeted at your audience (B2C) or other businesses (B2B) as this is also a key driver for your post topic. Both of these audiences resonate with different post topics and information which can impact your social media marketing efforts therefore it is essential to consider this stage.

Powell (2021)


Putting your content into your content calendar is so important to guide your next steps! If you’re posting an image- you may want a longer caption due to the presence of a single image OR if you’re posting a reel or a carousel- you may just want to summarise your main points as the detail is in the content. This also serves as a great reference point when you’re moving onto these next steps.


Pre-planning your caption is vital for determining the most important points you want to cover and ensuring you have a compelling call to action in each caption! This is also the best stage in determining the keywords that pop up when you’re writing which can be transferred to your hashtags and potentially used to repurpose your content into a blog post (like this one!)

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Most people have a love/hate relationship with hashtags as the process of finding the right ones can be time-consuming! As previously mentioned, we recommend using the keywords you can pick out from your caption and those which align with your post topic to guide your hashtag implementation! Online tools, like Neontools, are also very helpful in producing hashtags which align with your post topic and keywords!

Pexels (2020)


Having a fully planned out content calendar is a lengthy process but it is key to optimising your social media content for maximum results! Segmenting your content into the six main areas: (1) Post Type, (2) Post Goal, (3) Post Topic, (4) Content, (5) Caption & (6) Hashtags will ultimately save you time and stress in the long term and help you achieve the benefits of consistent and quality content.

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