How to use hashtags effectively for social media!

How do I use #hashtags? 💭

So you’ve got your content and caption ready to go, now it’s time to think about hashtags! 🤔

Does the mention of hashtags make you fall into a pit of overwhelm and spiral into searching through 1000’s of hashtags? Or maybe you just avoid hashtags all together? 😱

But what actually are hashtags? 😵‍💫 

Hashtags are regularly used on social media platforms as a label so users can find certain content easily! Hashtags also help social media users to discover brand new content that grabs their attention 👀

If you find hashtags overwhelming, that’s okay! We have created 5 tips to help you use hashtags efficiently and effectively! 😍

  1. Use 30 relevant hashtags ~ You can increase your online exposure by using 30 hashtags! You are likely to connect with a more targeted online audience by using hashtags which align with your industry and the post you’re sharing #️⃣
  1. Monitor competitor hashtags ~ This doesn’t mean you should copy your competitor’s hashtags! Having a look at what your competitors are using can give you a great insight into what’s working for other members of your industry 📲
  1. Analyse successful hashtags ~ We recommend keeping track of any previously successful hashtag sets you have used before. This can include analysing your most popular posts, through insights, to understand if any of those hashtags are/were trending 🤔
  1. Avoid banned/spam hashtags ~ Banned/spam hashtags can severely affect your post performance and engagement. It’s always best to investigate the hashtag – if there’s no recent posts associated with it, don’t use it ❌
  1. Save hashtag sets ~ Save your hashtag sets to make your life easier next time you post! After all of your analysing and monitoring, you’ll be able to understand what works well for your brand so you can apply set hashtags for the future 😁

Let us know in the comments if these hashtag tips helped you 🤩

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