Digital Marketing is one of the easiest ways to gain the attention of your specific target market. That is what makes these ads so lucrative and profitable for any industry. All you need is a Website, Facebook Account and a digital marketing specialist on your side to make a profitable investment in your business.

save time and money

Having an expert on your side, and investing in a digital marketer will promise growth and take your business to a new level. We manage every campaign closely with our Partnership Accounts which enables us to gain a consistent overlook of the campaign objectives (sales, traffic, brand awareness), drive dynamic retargeting so the ads are consistently retargeting those people who clicked onto the ad and viewed your website and also status reporting. It also gives you the support of having an expert chat to and change copywriting of ads and keywords as we go along.

a perfect fit for every industry

At Aim Up Digital we have a clear understanding of how each digital marketing campaign supports our clients overarching goals. We know exactly how to overcome hurdles and manage your digital marketing platforms to see real results through organic and paid channels. Investing in a digital marketer works best for both start-up and established businesses who are ready to launch a new product, increase their online sales or start to take their marketing seriously and drive traffic to their website, or online store.

Get Noticed By Your Ideal Client

With the competition out there of small business’s, established organisation’s and the occasional side hustle, relying on 'organic' traffic just isn't enough, so paid ads ensures traffic from the right people.


understanding how digital marketing works


What if I told you I could put your business right in front of your ideal client? I can, and it is called digital marketing.

First step is to define your target audience, determine the need/want from your audience, define the problem and ultimately you are the solution! We use this simple method to build the foundations for a strategic campaign, with multiple ads specific to each campaign. We then gather the results and findings, and tailor each campaign based on every single keyword. This is why paid advertising works because you aren’t targeting every single person on Facebook or the internet, you are targeting people specific to their interests, job titles, careers, location, age and then we target anyone who has recently visited your website or social media account. So the results are seamless and recorded daily so you can view the results first hand.

Also it is super easy to budget with paid advertising, so if you’re a business owner who doesn’t have a huge marketing budget, we got you!

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digital marketing strategy

Aim Up Digital are experts in the field of Digital Marketing and we know what it takes to implement a strategy within an established business, or create a plan from scratch for start-up business owners. Having an expert on your side, and investing in a digital marketer will promise growth and take your business to a new level.

This is for the business owners who have no marketing campaign, or have a marketing campaign but seeing no results. You may wish to launch a new product or service and have decided to invest in it’s future to ensure growth and sales. Designing a Marketing Campaign encompasses not just social media but ALL marketing avenues that actually work for your business and how to act now and make it happen.

We look into current campaigns, social media strategy, business goals, target audience, market research and conduct a gap-analysis to generate a plan that we know will work for your business. We have a proven template and plan ready to go that is customised and amended to suit your business.

We also recommend investing in consulting services throughout the implementation of the plan to ensure deadlines are met and the campaign in a genuine success.