I help online business owners clarify, elevate & scale their brand online!

What if I told you

Your online success comes down to three things:


A clearly defined branding mission that you feel within your soul


A click-stopping website that instantly attracts your target audience & stunningly showcases your brand


An online business strategy that focuses on nurturing customer relationships & business growth

PLUS an amazing mentor by your side to make it happen WITH you!

"I just had my 1:1 strategy meeting with Aimee this week regarding my small business and she couldn’t have been more helpful!!
I feel like I have a much clearer understanding of what to do next and feel more confident on how to grow my business more online!
Aimee was also super quick in following up with me after our meeting with notes and details regarding my next steps!!
Thank you Aimee and I look forward to more work with you in the future! Xx"

Georgie Watkins

Queen Gees Creations

Let's get you the online business of your dreams,
here is how I can help:

One-off business intensives

Successful Online Business Start Up

✨ Let me help you set your business up for success & longevity!

You are ready to take your business online & set it up for SUCCESS with a proven strategy that has worked for other business owners! You need an experienced professional who has done this time and time again to guide & support you in the right way to get online professionally & run an online business with ease.

Build The Ultimate Brand & Magnify Your Sales

💸 Get clear on your brand & how to SELL to your audience!

Do you need clarity on your brand mission, message and core values? In our 1:1 session we deep dive into your unique brand identity, unique selling tools, your target audience and building a brand that will grow, scale and sustain for the future years to come. This is the key to standing out online & maximising your profits.

Grow & Scale Your Online Brand With Ease

💥 Ready to level-up & scale online ? Let me help you!

You are struggling to make consistent sales/ generate consistent leads online. You have tried all the ‘things’, but none of it seems to be working. Drop the frustration and work with an online business expert to enhance your brand, your website & gain a strategy that will result in REAL sales & online growth. 

Online Business Mastery Programs

Successful Online Business Start Up Program

The perfect program to successfully set up an online business!

This program is exclusive to new business owners who are yet to launch their business online.

With weekly 1:1 sessions, a start up strategy & an online business expert in your corner setting up your online business for success has never been easier!

This 6 week program will have your business online, launched and full steam ahead PLUS you will feel at ease, in control & confident running an online business in the future.

Here is what to expect:

  • An actionable online business strategy to implement to achieve your goals
  • Weekly 1:1 check-ins with Aimee Scott over zoom call – 1 hour per session
  • Understand what online business goals are
  • Defining your unique online business goals & how to achieve them
  • Where to buy your domain name
  • Where to host your website & professional email
  • Actionable steps beneficial to growing your business online
  • What system to use to host your website
  • Recommendations of apps to use to help benefit the overall running of your business
  • Branding advice and recommendations of design
  • Support in set up of social media channels & how to use scheduling systems
  • Professional runnings of an online business
  • Lead magnets, incentives & growing your mailing list
  • Online systems to improve workflows
  • Website design recommendations
  • Ongoing SEO recommendations
  • Answering your questions & supporting you with launching your business online
  • Unlimited email/ Whatsapp access between sessions

Investment: $500.00 + GST per week

Commitment: 4 weeks

Grow & Scale Online With Ease Program

A program like no other, focused soley on scaling your business online!

This program is offered to established businesses only.

With weekly 1:1 sessions, an online business growth strategy, scaling offers & online business opportunities, and an online business expert in your corner scaling & growing your business online has never been easier!

This 4 month program will have your business scaling and thriving online with ease.

* Limited intake as this program is intensive & requires commitment!

Here is what to expect:

  • Weekly 1:1 sessions focused on growing your business online
  • An online business strategy to implement to achieve your goals
  • Actionable recommendations & changes to your website, social media channels and email campaigns that will result in more sales & leads
  • Actionable steps beneficial to growing your business online
  • New online business opportunities to increase brand awareness
  • Become clear on your brand identity, brand mission and key messaging
  • Branding strategy & unique selling tools for you to implement
  • Understand how to turn your target audience into customers
  • Incentive programs for new customers and online opportunities
  • Lead magnets, incentives & growing your mailing list
  • Innovative ways to increase your return customer rate
  • Website design trends & my design ideas to spice up your current website
  • Website optimisation and changes you need to make
  • Business recommendations to thrive online
  • Online systems to improve workflows
  • Trending website design ideas unique to your brand
  • How to nurture your customers
  • Unlimited email/ Whatsapp access between sessions

Investment: $2,000.00 + GST per month

Commitment: 4 months

Build An Unstoppable Brand Program

The ultimate program to build a brand your audience can't keep their eyes off!

This program is offered to start ups & established business owners who have an existing brand.

With fortnightly 1:1 sessions, a branding strategy & an online business expert in your corner creating a powerful, unique brand and knowing exactly how to sell to your target market has never been easier!

This 6 week program will have clarity about your brand identity, mission, core values, complete confidence in your target audience and a unique selling strategy for you to confidently implement online.

Here is what to expect:

  • An actionable unique selling strategy to implement across your entire business model
  • Fortnightly 1:1 sessions
  • Discover your brand mission, brand message and brand identity
  • Gain clarity on your brands purpose
  • Define your 3 brand messages that will remain consist across your brands communication at all times
  • Uncover your brand core values and utilising them to sustain an aligned business
  • Understanding what it means to be the business owner behind the brand and how to make your unique brand identity shine
  • Define your target audience and align yourself with their needs
  • Understand your unique customer experience & how to nurture customers ongoing
  • Uncover your unique selling tools
  • Learn to look at your business from new perspective to stimulate growth
  • Actionable steps beneficial to scaling your business online
  • Branding identity recommendations
  • Overview of current brand assets and recommendations to align with new brand mission
  • Brand identity audit of current website, social media channels & business tools

Investment: $550.00 + GST per week

Commitment: 6 weeks

"Aimee is incredible! I've been in business for over a year and was feeling super lost all of a sudden about my brand identity & messaging. This has affected the way I am showing up online on socials, emails, website & more so I really needed to find someone to help me out! Aimee was so great at embodying my business & vision and really extracted the message out of me with absolute ease! I'm pretty niche, and have always struggled to articulate this to other professionals in the past so I was a bit worried going into this session, but Aimee was a pro!! Thank you!"

Kelly Noone

Skin Queen

Hi I'm Aimee Your Online Business mentor

Starting an online business can be challenging and overwhelming, especially when you are not experienced with websites, social media & technical online systems. There is more to launching a business than meets the eye and with that brings questions, concerns and the overwhelm of doing it alone.

I have some great news for you! You are not alone, and have the opportunity to be guided, supported & mentored by a professional who is experienced, committed, trusted & extremely tech-savvy.

Aimee Scott founded Aim Up Digital 4 years ago, and started her business on a laptop in the kitchen (true story). She now runs a successful Sydney agency that launches successful business through web design, development, branding, social media & ongoing support. With a background in web development, software, and a degree in marketing she has over 15 years under her belt working in the corporate field for large organisations. Now she helps out the small businesses who deserve a chance too.

Aimee has worked closely with start-up business owners just like you, sharing her knowledge, secrets, tips, resources & advice to scale their businesses online. Brands like The Fix Cold Pressed Juice, Food St, Goddess Blends, Cowrie & Conch, Good Vibrations Noosa, Organised Living By Marli (& more) have all worked with Aimee in this exact program (and still do to this day) to get where they are today.

So, let’s dive straight in to how Aimee can help you!

Aimee Scott, Online Business Mentor, Online Business Coach

"We are so happy we have Aimee in our corner in a very short time our business is growing, huge shout out for your knowledge, your honesty & your daily check in for us with Ginja B, cant wait to continue this amazing journey."

Dianne Sandron

Ginja B

Is having a mentor right for you in your business?

Ask yourself...

Ready to book in your 1:1 coaching with Aimee Scott ? Book in your free 30 minute discovery call.

“Working with Aimee has been amazing! She has been 100% open to any and all ideas I have had, while being fully prepared to offer suggestions and create promos based on her skills and understanding of my business. She helped us design a whole new website, taking care of all the back-end technical things I had no idea about. The website looks amazing and Aimee made the entire process easy and super fun 🙂 I'd definitely recommend her to help you with your marketing and design needs!”

Carly Lowndes

Goddess Blends

Aimee is dedicated to getting the job done right. Her passion shines through in her service.

I don’t know where I would be without Aimee from Aim Up Digital.

Karly Suttie

Mums Who

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