This is why you need a business blog!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! 📣

Are you wanting to grow your online community, increase your website traffic and become a trusted industry leader? 🤩

Introducing… your business blog! 🎉

Business blogging is another great way to market and grow your business alongside your email marketing and social media channels 📥

And that’s not all- here are 5 benefits of business blogging we love! 😍

  1. Increases your website traffic ~ Are you wanting more website visitors? Creating and publishing blog posts increases your appearance on search engines as your website now has more indexed pages. This means you have more opportunities to show up on Google and and show up in organic search!  💻
  1. Growing your online community ~ If you’re consistent and frequent with your blog posts, your current customers will keep tuning in! Providing both educational and entertaining content will be more likely to meet your customers needs. With more views on your blog, new customers will also be able to find you through an online search🔍
  1. Helps you become a trusted industry leader ~ Having trust in a business is not quickly established for customers! If you have highly valuable content, your customers will recognise this and begin to gain trust in your expertise. Creating a strategy for your blog will allow you to showcase content that has value and show your expertise in a way that builds trust 🤗
  1. You can repurpose your content ~ Running low on content ideas? You need to repurpose your blog content! Repurposing your blog content on your social media channels through images, videos/reels or on your stories creates more long-term value for your customers 📲
  1. Converts your website traffic into leads ~ Start working on your call to actions! Adding a call to action on all of your blog posts gives your customers an incentive to purchase or new customers a reason to convert. This can include contact us now, shop now or book now which create more urgency  🛒

Do you have a blog for your business? Let us know in the comments! ✨

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