What should be included ‘above the fold’!

Capture your visitor’s attention in 15 seconds! ⏰

The ‘Above The Fold’ section of your website is your visitor’s first point of contact, making it the most crucial part of your website! 💻

We’ve created 6 KEY tips to ensure your ‘Above The Fold’ section of your website will capture any online user’s attention, in those first important 15 seconds! ⚡

  1. Announcement Bar – running a promotion or looking to attract buyers with an incentive – add it to the top of the website so it is one of the first things they see! This will get their attention (if they like what they read)  🛒
  2. Logo – your logo MUST be included on your website! We like to include your business logo within the header  ℹ️
  3. Navigational Menu – your navigation should be easy to find (in the header) and categorised for ease of navigation! If you have a lot of pages on your website, categorising your content is key to avoid overwhelm or confusion  🔍
  4. Hero Image – This is the large image at the very top of the website page! This image needs to represent your business & brand! This image needs to be high-res as it is often blown up to the full screen amount and we will often have a slight overlay to make headings & buttons pop  📸
  5. Title – This needs to be direct and straight to the point- Who you are/ What you do! We want to see a nice big font here, but nothing too overpowering, and ensure it doesn’t take up too much space on mobile 🎯
  6. Call To Action – A ‘click more’ button won’t cut it here! Get creative with your button wording and lead online users to your best selling product or service – not just a contact page 📲

Let us know how you go in the comments making these changes, or enquire with us online to book a consultation with Aimee to discuss your website goals further 💬

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