Your website is your most important selling tool!

Your website is your biggest selling tool! 👏👏👏

With the rise of social media, most businesses are turning to these platforms to help them sell! 💸

We’ll let you in on a secret! Social media platforms are not selling tools, they’re marketing tools! 😱

Your website is the first touchpoint for any potential customers to learn more about your products and/or services and it strongly influences how your target market views your business! Websites are also the greatest tool for driving leads and conversions towards achieving a sales milestone for your business 👀 

Your customer gets their entire journey mapped out for them from products/services pages to contact information! This is a lot more beneficial than trying to sell on social media when the process is more about 1:1 communication and relies on redirection to your website in the end anyway! 🖥️

We highly recommend having a functional website to start your online business journey to establish yourself in your industry! Establishing yourself with your website first is so important before setting up your social media pages. How can you market to your customers if they have nowhere to go? Having a social media page set up, without a direction for your customers, creates a more difficult customer journey which will ultimately lead to zero conversions/sales 💭

Now, we’re not saying to give up on social media whatsoever! Social media platforms work incredibly well IN CONJUNCTION with your established website as you can build visibility and brand across many online platforms! This includes social media pages, search engines and online word of mouth. As more people are on social media, which means more people are using mobile over desktop, we highly recommend ensuring your website is mobile friendly/responsiveness to accommodate this type of customer 💬

Do you believe your website is your biggest selling tool? Let us know in the comments 👇

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