How to find your brand voice!

Having an authentic brand voice is the KEY to consistency across your social media channels and your website! 📣

But what is a brand voice? 🤔

A brand voice is the distinct and recognisable personality of your business communications! A good brand voice allows your audience to understand and relate to your brand to create long-lasting relationships 🤗

These are our top five tips to build a strong brand voice across your channels:

  1. Identify your target audience & brand persona ~ If you’re not resonating with your audience, then your current brand voice is probably not the right one for your business! Your customers have a specific buyer persona which is entirely dependent on their personality, needs and how your business offerings align with these key factors. The buyer persona of your customers will heavily influence how you create your brand voice. It is incredibly important to also engage in audience research across your social media channels and website to assist you in determining what content performs and resonates best with your target audience, which will be a valuable asset for creating a strong brand voice  🎯
  1. Audit your content ~ It’s time to put your current content and copy to work as you will need to conduct a brief audit! You should review all of your current marketing, including social media, email marketing and website content. It is important to take note if your messages and content are consistent and align with your brand purpose. Are your values promoted accurately and resonating with your audience? It is incredibly important to understand which content performs well and why 📝
  1. Identify who you are and what you’re not ~ Being able to determine your brand voice often starts with asking yourself; “What don’t we want our brand voice to be?” This process can be very effective in figuring out what qualities you don’t attribute to your brand therefore it is a crucial step in finding your brand voice! 🌟This could include statements such as:
  • Our brand voice is not arrogant. 
  • Our brand voice is not unapproachable.
  1. Consider your business mission and vision ~ Your current business mission and value statements are incredibly helpful in determining the key characteristics of your brand voice. Your business and personal values are reflected in your mission statement therefore you can easily transfer these into a brand voice and personality. This is a great starting point to assess your key values and create alignment between your business and brand! 🤩
  1. Identify your tone ~ The tone of your brand is an essential component for your brand voice! This is essentially how you communicate with your audience across your varying social media channels. Is your tone consistent or does it change given your age or gender demographic? It is very important to note how your tone changes or stays the same to accommodate your brand voice to different audiences and situations 📲

Let us know in the comments if you have ever struggled with finding your brand voice 📣

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