How to make a lasting impression on customers with your website

Do you find yourself wondering if your website is making a lasting impression on your customers? 🤔

As a business owner, you have your web design looking shiny and new, with a stunning logo to match, but your online journey shouldn’t end there! How you use your website is key to customer conversion and increased sales 😵

By making a few tweaks and simple changes to your current website, you’ll be on your way to boosting your site performance 💥

These are our KEY tips to making a lasting impression on your customers! ⤵️

Let your customers in on your business journey! Building a connection with your customers is key to building loyalty. Weave your story throughout your website to share your values and build your most authentic brand! 📓

Your customer’s first impressions count! Having an attractive & professional web design will go a long way in making a great first impression on your customers! Tie in a clear and powerful website message and your customers will gain trust in your brand 📥

Divert your attention here! You should have a clear and concise call to action in multiple positions on your homepage! We recommend placing your call to action on the top, middle and bottom of your page for optimal recognition ☝️

Your homepage is vital to making a lasting impression on your customers! A customer makes their purchase decision in only a few seconds! Your homepage must be eye-catching, clean and should set you apart from your competitors! 💥

Tailor your website to suit everyone ~ even if they’re not your target customer! Adding alt text to your images and utilising screen readers can make the world of difference to your customers! 🤗

A hard to navigate website has a higher bounce rate! Keeping your navigation menu simple and will help your customers find more information about your products or services. This will maximise user experience and boost customer conversion 📈

What’s ONE tip you’d share? Tell us down below! 💜

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