Website Design Trends for 2022

New website design trends surface each year, and 2022 is no different! With the demand for a website to be no less than perfect having a website that is modern, unique & ‘trending’ in design is every online business owners goal.

With saying that, we have chosen our top 8 web design trends that will be making multiple appearances not only on our own websites but our clients too!

This article will help you better understand the top web design trends you can implement into your own website, and update you own website knowledge at the same time.  

Let’s get started.

1. Cinema style video & slideshow

This is a video or slideshow of images that takes up the entire screen, usually seen on a websites homepage but more frequently used across multiple information pages. It quickly immerses your viewers attention to the video, and makes them almost feel a part of the video itself.

This design trend is perfect for minimising text used on the homepage and creates a really powerful impact from the get-go. An absolute must to try this year!

2. Light and dark mode transitions

Why stick to one mode when you can include both!? The dark mode trend made its mark a few years back then was replaced with light, bright and clean websites for the take over. More and more these days we are seeing a mix of the two, bringing viewers the best of both worlds.

Just like picking your light and dark mode on your iPhone, the ability to offer a toggle for the user to change the mode on your website is the ultimate mode transitions feature! But if you are a fan of both modes (like us) adjusting the backgrounds and font colours to go from light to dark works just as well. Plus it looks great on mobile and something that should be considered if you want to move away from the cliché light, bright & clean designs.  

3. Overlapping content

This alternate design trend emerged late 2021 and I am happy to say it is here to stay! Overlapping elements of text, images & buttons create the most innovate call to actions, hero sections and just about any section on the website really. However, I believe less is more with this trend – don’t over do it!

It will also be important to pay close attention to detail on mobile with this trend as it may look great on a desktop and then illegible on tablet and mobile devices.

4. Pop out navigation

You heard it here first! This trend is bringing the simplicity of mobile navigation to life across all devices. It’s fun, edgy, minimalistic and most importantly – it is so simple. Say goodbye to long, overcomplicated headers and hello to your new favourite icon…the burger!

Creating a really simple navigational menu is going to take web navigation simplicity to a new level. Not only that the creation of a pop out to welcome your visitors and keep them engaged and exploring your website is web design trend 2022 genius.

Not sure what we mean? Check out our own website navigation for a real life view of the pop out navigation.

5. Personalised Content

Ensuring your website is showcasing your personal brand is paramount in 2022. It is more important than ever to build trust with your customers, and a great way to do this is to display professional photos of yourself, your team and talk about your business story.

This should be a primary goal for every business owner in 2022. Most importantly ensure your content is inline with your business tone, branding and focuses on building trust.

6. Human-like chatbots

If you are running an e-commerce business you are going to want to include a chatbot this year if you are still yet to do this. Ensuring our customer interaction is seamless is becoming more apparent as we spend more time at home and shopping online.

A chatbot can act as a communication resource and guide customers in the right direction if they need help. You will also be able to sit back knowing that your customers are getting instant communication on your website 24/7 – which is pretty cool!

7. Big buttons

A simple, yet extremely effective web design trend for 2022. With more of us shopping and accessing websites from our phones, seamless usability is key. By using big buttons that are thumb friendly on smaller screens will improve usability, boost navigation, decrease your bounce rate and feature accessibility – all that from just adding big buttons? Absolutely!

Now we don’t mean huge, square, block-style buttons that take up the entire screen – it needs to be big enough to be seen and easily clicked on a mobile or tablet.

8. Modern minimalist design

Minimalist design is becoming more popular as business owners are realising the important of making a quick impact to website viewers. Although minimalist design will look different in 2022 as this trend begins to adapt. Bright colour blocks, mode transitions, animation & video are at the fore front for minimalist design this year.

This trend will make the biggest impact with a mix of breaking the boundaries and easy-on-the-eye design. Our biggest tip is to choose a bold colour, stay away from neutral tones and implement more space between elements to create a powerful impact and see where your creative design takes you!


To have a successful and meaningful online business in 2022, you must stand out from the crowd. This makes having an eye-catching, modern web design not just a ‘nice to have’ but an essential!

As a website designer, these tips I have provided in this article will help bring your website up to a new level for 2022. You can implement them at anytime throughout the year to update the specific area of your website you feel is outdated or needs a new design.

If you are not confident implementing new website design changes to your website I always recommend reaching out to a professional website designer who can help you.


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